Transformational Products

Our transformational products are designed to help you achieve your body-shaping goals and overall, to feel a sense of empowerment within. We are confident that by sticking to a healthy lifestyle and with daily use of these products, you can burn fat for fuel in a natural, sustainable way and get the most out of your day.

Our Transformational Products

KetoDay KetoNight

KetoDay® & KetoNight®

This duo works with a healthy lifestyle and a special MCT oil to give you the energy you need.


A yummy drink blend to bring in those key nutrients and exogenous ketones into your life.


A blend to help you harness the fat-burning power of ketosis and find success in your body shaping goals.
Thomas DeLauer

Making the Most of the Keto Lifestyle with New U Life and Thomas DeLauer

Thomas Delauer is one of the world’s top ketogenic experts. After going through his own journey of weight transformation, losing over 100 lbs, he is passionate to share what he knows with others, including with the New U Life family. Delauer is an author, a performance coach, and health expert, in addition to sharing his knowledge of the keto lifestyle. In his myriad of trainings, he explains simply the scientific process behind keto and how it works with our bodies. He also goes over other aspects of health to support a keto lifestyle such as a eating healthy, exercise, and fasting.

Get the Latest Tips from Keto Expert Thomas DeLauer

What is Keto?

The Science of Your Body's Diurnal Rhythms

Ingredient Benefits of KetoDay and KetoNight

New U Life Whole Body Challenge $100,000 in Prizes
New U Life sponsored a body shaping competition and gave away an astonishing $100,000 in cash and prizes to the winners.

Enrollment for the Whole Body Challenge is now closed. For more information on the completion, you may visit the competition website.

Whole Body Challenge